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To advance global healthcare through data expertise, innovative technology and collaborative relationships

Datatrial, providing elegant software to collect report and store your data from clinical trials. 

Electronic Data Capture - Compliant Document Management - Data Storage - Real Time Reporting 

Datatrial believes that life science organisations should have access to one solution to collect and report on all of their clinical research data. We also believe that the experience and ultimate success of our customers is reliant on our management of the process from initial discussions, through contracting and most importantly knowledge and expertise transfer. In establishing what success looks like, we ensure we define clear milestones to meet that outcome.



             Jamie Pollard

"We really recommend Ronald James as a company because they can really identify with the company itself whether that's a company culture or whether to see individuals within the actual company itself and they're really able to provide people who will fit into that overall environment."

Executive Summary

To thrive in this competitive sector you need to make sure you recruit and retain premium candidates.

Jamie from DataTrial chose us because he knew we can provide the best Developers in the North East

He found out first hand that we provide CV's of candidates who met the criteria at an exceptional standard compared to other agencies.


We were trying to create a new development team and from scratch so we really needed a lot of stuff very quickly so within a short space of time we recruited I think it was about five or six developers and we really kind of struggled before whether the agencies to try and find the actual talent and find that the right person for our business.

How Ronald James Helped

Ronald James implemented their 7-Step Hiring Strategy and delivered  us 3 CV's within 48 hours from initial search.

7 Step North East Digital & Tech Hiring Strategy

They really knew the market in the North East and understood our need for a Laravel framework requirement for the PHP developer.


The Consultancy wanted to use just 1 agency so they could get a personal approach that gave them a long-term partner that truly understood both their needs and also the industry so they could attract the best talent in their business. "We chose Ronald James because I was so impressed by their expertise and passion for the North East industry"



The result we got from Ronald James was they delivered 5 CV's to us in under 7 days and we interview 4 of them. In the end, they found us a really talented PHP Developer who had Laravel experience. He also only lives 20mins from the office. All within our budget of £28,000!

Our business can now deliver ahead of time for all our projects which have helped The Consultancy start to grow and take more on work which has really helped us achieve 100% growth for 2017.


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